About Us:

All Home on the Grange events are held either at:
Lopez Island Grange 452 Richardson Rd. Lopez Island, WA. 98261
Woodmen Hall 4102 Fisherman Bay Rd. Lopez Island, WA. 98261
Port Stanley Schoolhouse 2970 Port Stanley Road Lopez Island WA 98261

Please note: “Home on the Grange” is not associated nor endorsed by the Lopez Island Grange nor it’s members, nor does “Home on the Grange” claim to represent them. “Home On The Grange” is an independent entity, that has produced events at the grange and other island venues. The name simply stuck and we liked it!

March 2010 - Fourth Year of Home on the Grange

Jan 2009 News - RadioFreeLopez has now become Home On The Grange officially! They are one and the same thing. If you look for RadioFreeLopez.com you will now be redirected to HomeOnTheGrange.com. We will still keep our MySpace & YouTube channels with the radiofreelopez exstension. It’s just too much dang work to change it all!

Some History: Originally when we took the name RadioFreeLopez in 2007, there was not an active radio station. There was also not as active of a ‘live’ music scene here. In the last few years several fine projects were birthed on the island and there has been much confusion as to who is who and who is doing what. Our shows have always been referred to as “The Home on the Grange Shows” so we think it is a pretty natural leap to use the HomeOnTheGrange domain from here on out. Also we sometimes ‘grange the range’ a bit so even if the shows are not at the Grange, we will still be Home On The Grange!

Some Pre- History & Who We Are: Home On The Grange presents concerts by local and off-island musicians. Non-profit, non commercial adventure.

In March 2007 we presented our first Home On The Grange show at the Lopez Island Grange Hall featuring Danny Schmidt & Esther Golton. This idea had been sitting on the shelf and in the closet for so long it was time to be dusted off and put on the counter and shined up. From there things snowballed and a music series was born. Primarily the shows are put on at the Lopez Island Grange Hall, but we have done one show at the Port Stanley Schoolhouse and look forward to future possibilites in other venues. Update: Summer 2009 Woodmen Hall reopened and we presented our first Home on the Grange show there on July 24th 2009. Home on the Grange remains dedicated to bringing music and community together in our old wooden halls on the island.

We thank Sam Bernardi for lending us ( I am working this off lawnmowing! Thank you Sam!) his sound system for our events. We also thank Bruce Harvie and RadioFreeOlga for inspiration on revitalizing independent music in our beloved old wooden halls in the islands. Viva! Home On the Grange!

Volunteers Needed: At every event we need 1-2 volunteers for both set-up and clean up. It's fun and it goes fast when we power it out and work together. Percs included when you volunteer! Please Contact Us

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Booking: Home On The Grange only puts on a handful of shows on a completely volunteer basis. Usually that comes down to about one a month but it all depends. Home On The Grange has a personal life and works for a living & does this for fun and love of music and to contribute something to the local Lopez Island community! Musicians are booked based on some mixture of “timing, personal taste, passion and the phase of the moon...”

Home On The Grange has a very eclectic taste in music from folk to punk to psychedelic. Bands, singer-songwriters. It just all depends.

Contact Me: Contact Us I try to reply to everyone but please don’t take it personal if I pass on ya or don’t reply......thanks!!!

Want to get involved!?! Got an idea!?! A musician you would like to bring here?!!.....Contact Us