After doing many shows at a somewhat fast-paced clip, I need to put it out there that I sure could use some volunteers. The time commitments are short and you don’t have to volunteer at every show. If you have an extra hand or two you want to lend I sure would appreciate it! I also am into trades for time/energy you put in if you can’t afford the door price. I can’t do too many of those though as these are working musicians who don’t make a lot by coming to our little isle what with ferry prices etc…

It's fun and it goes fast when we power it out and work together!

Anything you can do is a big big help!!!! You are making some live music happen!!! Thanks!!!

Contact Me to help: 468-2753

Here’s what I need:

PRE Show:

Paint Signs – This is a couple to few hour commitment

Set-up – Usually this takes 1 – 1 ½ hour with two of us. Set-up chairs and refreshments.

Spread the Word – email to your list, call and grab your friends and get em down to the show….EVERYONE CAN DO THIS!!! Thanks!!!


$$$$ - Stand and take the cash and meet & greet

Sound – help monitor sound during show

Photos & Video – Document the event. I have the cameras. This can be a shot here & there…..

Post Show

1-2 persons per show who commits to do the fine cleaning and breakdown. This really does go quick if someone is on it….helps me get home quicker and some tired musicians home too...

Whew! Again, anything you can do helps tremendously and is sooooooo sooooooo appreciated!!!