We're Tubular & Have Space
Awrighty, we are not only out there on MySpace but we have created a video channel on YouTube where you can watch clips from Home on the Grange shows as well as other musical friends and Lopez Island Happenings. Check em out!

Here's a sample:

Comments & Kudos for the Home on the Grange Concert Series

Every Home on the Grange Concert that I have gone to has been like one big welcome home party...back to the roots of music, great acoustics, excellent musicians, and an intimate setting like one large living room
filled with friends and family. ~~ P.J.R.

"The best music on the island without having to go to America." ~ ~ Chris C.

"Music at the Grange Hall on Lopez is different.  If you can imagine the Foggy Bottom Boys playing  "Man of Constant Sorrow" in a community hall in another era you get the idea.  The audience is small, the atmosphere is relaxed and the music is consistently excellent.   ~~ Steve R.

Mini-Docu of The Foghorn Stringband Show

This is a sort of "the making of a Home on the Grange show" video. Filmed by my daughter Alia and myself. (can you tell who is filming when the camera is steady? :) Edited by 'moi.' A rough cut edit of the eve. Too long for YouTube in it's full 15 minute length, I am just posting on my own server. It will probably take a bit to load. I wanted to get the full feel of the eve, not just the music so that's why it's soooo long. At some point I will make some small clips and post to YouTube but for now here it is in it's somewhat entirety.

Please be patient the video is quite large and will load but will probably be slow! If it doesn't load follow this link to the Foghorn Stringband - Home on the Grange Video

The Foghorn Stringband show goes down in my book as a historical and epic night on the island! People were busting out of the ol' Grange hall. There were folks in both rooms, and hanging outside the hall. Some even turned away when they saw the huge turnout. We were crowded but everyone was happy! The music was stellar. The vibe was like a warm comfy favorite old blanket thrown over all of our shoulders. Thank you Foghorn boys and thank you friends, it's encouraging and inspiring to feel so much love and support and to share these evenings with you. ~~ Sue DuMond